!tems : Time Swap EP

Reset industries is proud to announce its first international signing in the shape of French newcomer Kristoff Sabine, aka !tems. His debut release, the four-track ‘Time Swap EP’, is a shockingly accomplished batch of productions for a new artist, showcasing a natural flair for groove and arrangement which belies his relative inexperience.


Opener ‘Time Swap’ is a fresh, energetic blast of swung garage, primed for summertime dancefloors. Tropical-sounding melodies float over filtered synths and crisp, driving rhythms, while a head-spinning array of chopped textures and clipped vocal samples combine to decorate the mix. After three and half blissful minutes, the track melts into an ingenious coda which deploys hooky, filtered synths stabs to wonderful effect, ramping-up in intensity towards a joyous crescendo.

‘Ghost Detain’ continues in a similar vein, with more lush, filtered chords leading into a smart 2-step beat and another kaleidoscopic blend of chopped samples. Vibes and windowlicker-esque vocal snatches swirl in the mix, lending the track a light, jazzy feel, which is offset nicely against blunt sub hits and a satisfyingly heavy kick drum.

On the flip, ‘Twisted Tilde’ rolls out on a dusty sample loop and the obligatory filtered synth chords, before dropping into an addictive groove centred upon a crunchy half-step drum pattern and a distinctly silky female vox hook. Jazzy touches pepper the mix as the groove glides effortlessly by, in true Gallic fashion.

‘If U Then I’ rounds off proceedings on a more contemplative note, which demonstrates the producers’ penchant for the cosmic, as well as for the ‘floor. Over staggered rhythms, Items weaves a dense aural tapestry from a dizzying array of jazz-inflected textures and pitch-shifted vocal clips, as rimshots and drum rolls rattle away underneath. It’s a virtuoso display, and a fitting conclusion to a captivating EP.

‘Time Swap’ heralds the arrival of a serious talent. Reset Industries is delighted to welcome !tems to the fold.

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